Medistate was created to promote the idea and provide a blueprint for providing health care to the more than 12 million people in New York State not covered by Medicare or Medicaid through a state run, single payer healthcare system. Based on the principle that health care is a human right, Medistate proposes to fund health care for these people through employee and matching employer payroll deductions. We believe that we can keep the promise of health care for all at a lower cost to individuals and families than most people are paying now for health insurance, while providing benefits equal to Medicare.

We believe today is a unique time in American history.  The nation is experiencing the confluence of a stagnated, dysfunctional federal government and newly emboldened states, eager to exercise their sovereignty and where the federal government has failed, are ready to seize the initiative to care for and protect their citizens . States may never have a better opportunity than now to create a healthcare system that works for all their  citizens.