Why Medistate, Why Now?

Medistate is based on the proposition that access to health care is a human right and not insurance.

Medistate proposes to address the human right to health care by creating a state run system which delivers and funds health care for the two thirds of the state population not covered by Medicaid or Medicare.

Medistate tackles and overcomes the three most intractable problems facing health care in this country:

  • Skyrocketing increases in health insurance premiums by a risk adverse insurance industry
  • The runaway cost of pharmaceuticals
  • A method of cost sharing that requires nearly all to participate and contribute.

Why Now?

  • The federal government is paralyzed by bitter political partisanship, reinforced by gerrymandering to guard against change, and closely aligned with competing lobbyist and special interest money and influence. Stagnancy is the norm and will probably remain so in the foreseeable future.
  • States are taking advantage of the vacuum left by a dysfunctional federal government to reassert their sovereignty, successfully opposing federal mandates and passing legislation to care for and protect their citizens.

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